About BMW Tweaks

BMW Tweaks has been around since 2014. Richard Homan has started delivering software adjustments to BMWs. Just in front of the house in Maarssen or on location at the customer.

Richard Homan

Founder and mastermind behind BMW Tweaks

In 2008 I obtained my driver’s license. I also immediately bought my first car BMW. This was a E36 325i from 1992 . Since then I have become addicted to the driving characteristics and quality that BMW has to offer.

Since my first car, I have been able to call mine the following BMWs:
BMW E39 530i sedan Facelift – 2000
BMW E30 318i sedan – 1986
BMW E36 320i sedan – 1995
BMW E36 325d touring – 1997
BMW E36 316g compact – 1997
BMW E39 540i sedan – 2002
BMW Z3 1.9 cabrio – 1996
BMW E46 325ci coupé – 2002
BMW E39 530d touring – 2003
BMW E91 335i touring – 2010
BMW E38 740i sedan – 2001
BMW E91 325xi touring – 2009
BMW F10 M5 sedan – 2016 (current car)
BMW F11 528i touring – 2010 (current car)

Most of these cars sooner or later caused a malfunction that I absolutely did not want the dealer to resolve. After all, I prefer to buy a new car for that money. 😉 For that reason I started to study the technology and electronics of BMW.

I am currently able to solve almost all problems, both mechanical and electronic, of BMWs between 1996 and 2019. After purchasing specialized software, I also have the option for all BMWs until 2019 to read out software for failures and to adjust the CKM settings. Adjusting the CKM settings in BMWs offers possibilities that are never used in most cars.