xDrive delete

Have you always wanted to have two cars in one? That is now possible!

BMW Tweaks turns your four-wheel drive E90, E91, E92 3-series or E61 5-series xDrive into a real rear-wheel drive car!

It’s very simple: You make an appointment with us in Maarssen. You arrive with your xDrive 4-wheel driven BMW and you leave with your rear-wheel driven BMW! Are you tired of driving with drive only on the rear wheels, then you visit us again. We then activate the drive on the front wheels for you again!

One of the advantages of this service is that in winter the car with xDrive offers extra grip and safety, while in the summer the car becomes more efficient and the front tires wear less.

This is purely a software intervention that is completely reversible and risk-free. So are you fed up with your car not being able to cross a roundabout? Let us know. We will arrange that for you. You will find the prices for this special service in the price list .