A BMW is a complex machine, even the E36 3 series that has been produced since 1990 has several complex computers on board for controlling the Air-conditioning, Airbags, ABS, Central locking and Alarm. And then we are not talking about the engine management (DME) and a possible automatic computer.

All these systems encounter a failure sooner or later. Some malfunctions are temporary, some permanent. Sometimes a light comes on for a malfunction that has long been resolved, but the light does not go out. This happens regularly with the Airbag computers of the E39 5 series and the E46 3 series, among others.

With original BMW software (including Ediabas, INPA & ISTA+) we can read all modules of your car for error codes and delete these error codes where necessary. This way you know exactly what is going on with the car and you can solve a problem on board in a targeted manner.

Sometimes it is not enough just to see and clear a fault message. For example, it may happen that your car does not always want to start well. This may be due, for example, to the fuel pump, but also to one or more defective injectors or injectors. Error codes do not always provide sufficient information. Then a more extensive diagnosis is necessary. We can also do this for you. A comprehensive diagnosis makes it possible to test individual parts of the car via the computer with special procedures set up by BMW.

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