Not all repairs take a lot of time, so why should they have to cost a lot of money?

BMW Tweaks does a limited number of repairs. Repairs that are not that big, but that require very specific knowledge and experience to be able to be done properly. Because these repairs take relatively little time, the costs remain low.

Z3 Seat Repair

A problem that regularly returns with the BMW Z3 is play in the seat adjustment mechanism. The seats will show wear after 100,000 kilometers to 150,000 kilometers in the form of play and unwanted movement in the longitudinal axis of the BMW Z3. Fortunately, this annoyance can be remedied, more information can be found here .

BMW 3-series and 5-series airbag light

A sensor mat is located in the passenger seat of the BMW E46 3-series and E39 5-series. This mat registers whether someone is sitting in the seat and this mat is known for not being as long as the rest of the car. The result is that the passenger’s head airbag no longer works and, moreover, an annoying airbag light is burning in your instrument cluster. This problem can be solved with a by-pass unit for the sensor mat.