Z3 Seat repair

Over time, the electric adjusting mechanism of the seats of the BMW Z3 gets worn out. The seats then move along the longitudinal axis of the car during accelleration and braking. The cause is a worn adjustment mechanism in the seat. This creates play that makes driving not only unpleasant, but even dangerous.

A repair is almost impossible for the average consumer and takes a lot of time. The prices charged by a BMW dealer fluctuate between € 500.00 and € 1,200.00 per seat!

Fortunately there are other options. With original BMW parts, BMW tweaks can make your seats like new again. The seats are expertly removed from the car and the mechanism is repaired immediately. Depending on the condition of the car, this takes about an hour per seat.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a condition to be able to carry out the repair: The electric seat adjustment mechanism must still work. This means that the chair must be able to move all the way forward and all the way back. If that is not possible, the seat cannot be removed from the car and repair is virtually impossible.

Contact us to have your Z3 seats repaired quickly! Prices can be found here.