Servotronic customisation

Just for the E38 and E39 owners with Servotronic adaptive power steering, BMW Tweaks has this service: adjusting servotronic.

Do you think the car could steer a bit heavier when you drive through a residential area, or a lot lighter or heavier on the highway? Good news! BMW Tweaks will design an assist curve together with you and then program it straight to your car! On the basis of this assist curve, it will be checked at every speed how much the power steering assist you.

The standard situation for an E39 5-series is, for example, that from 0 to 10 km / h the servotronic is 95% switched on, when the speed rises to 140 km / h this level has dropped to around 30%.

Servotronic assist curves

People regularly come up with a request to adjust that curve so that the car continues to steer lighter slightly longer at slightly lower speeds, and that around 70 to 80 kilometers per hour the curve starts to fall more sharply so as to reach already 90 km/h to steer as heavily as he previously did at 130.

The request also comes in regularly to have the servotronic always help to the maximum. Then the car steers wonderfully light, no matter how fast you drive.

At BMW Tweaks you can indicate for each speed how light or heavy your car should steer, nothing is impossible.

Contact us to have any questions answered. The price for this service can be found here.