Roadmap updates

Do you have a BMW with a CIC system or the new NBT or NBT Evo system? Then BMW Tweaks can help you out with the latest roadmaps for your navigation system. We can supply an FSC code and/or the mapdata. But we can also take care of the entire update process for you.

Please note: The prices below are standard prices. Prices for FSC codes may differ from the prices below. For the exact price you can fill in the form here. The order button shows the current price. If you want to have maps installed by us at our location, add € 20.00 to the price for digital delivery. Do not order online if you wish to have the maps installed by us, instead contact us for an appointment.

Activation code for the latest roadmaps for your car. (You arrange a USB stick and card data yourself.) € 25.00
Activation code by mail, including a link to map data and a manual. (You arrange a USB stick yourself.) € 50.00
A USB stick with map data and a manual via regular mail. € 70.00
Activation code, manual and a USB stick with map data via regular mail. € 95.00
Have the latest roadmaps installed by us at our location. Online pricing + € 20.00

Apple CarPlay activation

Lifetime software activation of the BMW Apple CarPlay service.
Apple CarPlay activation – lifetime € 185,00
Premium for fullscreen activation € 20,00
Making an existing Apple CarPlay full screen € 185,00
Re-activate a previously activated CarPlay license in case this gets deleted elsewhere. This service is only available if your car has software version “N” or higher during initial installation, or if you choose to have your car updated by us along with the Carplay installation. € 50,00
Supply and install a WiFi antenna with the Carplay activation € 50,00
Full software update of the entire car to the latest version € 70,00


An all-in price has been set for adjusting settings in the car. For this you can adjust all settings that can be adjusted on the car to your preference. If you return within 1 year (with the same car) you can do so at an extra competitive rate.
Personalisation (Coding) E-series € 40.00
Personalisation (Coding) F/G-series € 50.00
Changes to the same car within one year. € 20.00
Disable and re-enable US-lights for MOT. One-time € 20.00

Read codes

You can read and delete error codes at a competitive rate. The error codes are emailed to you in a well-arranged file. If you come back within 7 days to see which errors have returned, we will read the car again for half the price.
Read, delete and e-mail error codes. € 20.00
Read, delete and e-mail error codes again within one week. € 10.00

Extensive fault diagnosis

Sometimes simply clearing malfunctions is not enough and further diagnosis is necessary. With specialist software it is possible to get to the bottom of where the underlying cause of a failure lies. A diagnosis always follows the reading of error codes.
Extensive fault diagnosis (per half hour) € 20.00


BMW Tweaks does a limited number of repairs. Repairs that are not that big, but that require very specific knowledge and experience to be able to be done properly. Because these repairs take relatively little time, the costs remain low.
Z3 Seat repair (1 seat) € 100.00
Z3 Seat repair (2 seats) € 160.00
Remedy airbag malfunction with resistor (E38, E39, E46, E53), including reading codes. € 40.00
Remedy airbag malfunction by coding (E60, E61, E81, E82, E87, E88-E93). (Including reading worth € 20.00). € 50.00

Standkachel activeren

On BMW 5-series (E39), 7-series (E38) and the X5 (E53) the aux heater can be activated with software. You can then set timers via the screen in the car to have the car warm up automatically during the cold winter mornings.
Activate software and check operation € 50.00

Adjust servotronic assistance behavior

BMW Tweaks can work with you to design an assistance curve so that the car always sends exactly as heavy or just as light as you want.
Assistance curve redesign, programming and testing € 80,00

Transmission software update

BMW Tweaks can update the ECU of your automatic gearbox. This update can help to improve shifting behavior and drive more efficiently.
Transmission software update € 70,00
Alpina software retrofit € 100,00
Check update availability € 0,00

xHP Transmission tuning

BMW Tweaks offers the possibility to try out all the tunes for your machine on the spot in your own car. That way you can make the best choice. The suggested retail price from xHP for this service is € 299.00/399.00. But BMW Tweaks charges less!
Installation of xHP tuning on a ZF 6HP or 8HP transmission, stage of your choice. Including test drive with all stages. € 299.00
€ 250.00
Installation of xHP tuning on a ZF 8HP transmission in a G-series BMW, stage of your choice. Including test drive with all stages. € 399.00
€ 380.00
Installation of xHP tuning on a DCT7, stage of your choice. Including test drive with all stages. € 399.00
€ 380.00
Switch to another stage, or back to standard BMW software. € 399.00
€ 50.00

xDrive delete

BMW Tweaks offers the option of switching the xDrive system of your car off and on.
First visit during which the software is installed on the car and the xDrive is switched off. € 249,00
€ 200.00
All subsequent visits with the same car with xDrive being switched on or off as desired. € 40.00

Aux-IN retrofit

BMW Tweaks can equip your car with Aux-IN. The cable or bluetooth module is built in for you and coded in the computer of the car so that you can enjoy it immediately!
AUX-in retrofit with cable, all-in. € 120.00
AUX-in retrofit with female plug in dashboard, all-in. € 150.00
Bluetooth AUX-in retrofit, all-in € 190.00
AUX-in retrofit with cable, all-in for E46 3-series € 80.00
AUX-in retrofit with female plug in dashboard, all-in for E46 3-series € 120.00
Bluetooth AUX-in retrofit, all-in for E46 3-series with business CD radio € 150.00
Bluetooth AUX-in retrofit, all-in for E46 3-series with widescreen system Starting at € 150.00
Bluetooth AUX-in retrofit, all-in for E39 5-series with widescreen system Starting at € 150.00

Module replacement

BMW Tweaks can provide your BMW with new modules at a competitive rate. Whether the LCM (light module), the GM (basic module), the DME (Motor Management) or another module is defective. BMW Tweaks replaces the module and codes it to the car. The prices in this table do not include the costs that BMW charges for the module itself (if applicable). These costs vary but will be clearly communicated in advance.
Replace module € 50.00
Supply and replace new module € 70.00
Code new module € 50.00
Replace and code new module € 70.00
Supply, replace and code a new module € 100.00

Service on location

All services can also be performed at your home! The extra costs for this are calculated on the basis of an hourly rate, with a minimum of 1 hour.
Call-out charges per hour € 60.00