Roadmap updates

You can contact us for the latest Navigation updates for your BMW with CIC or NBT system. We always deliver the latest roadmap versions. In fact, we often deliver the latest version earlier than the dealer!

The older BMW E-series (E6x, E7x, E8x and E9x until around 2008) have built in the older CCC system. This system works with map data on a DVD. This DVD must be present at all times in the navigation computer for the operation of the navigation functionality. You can buy these DVDs best original and directly from the dealer. We do not supply these DVDs.

The more recent BMW E-series (for example, the facelift 3-series E90-E93 and the newer E60-E61 5-series) are equipped with a CIC with a hard disk. Music can be put on this hard disk, but also the maps for your navigation are on it. These cards, which are usually of the MOTION or PREMIUM type, can easily be updated with a USB stick. You do need an activation code for this. BMW Tweaks helps you with this.

The newer F-series (F10-F11 5-series, F2x 1-series and F3x 3-series) are equipped with the Next Big Thing (NBT on-board computer) which is faster and more extensive than its predecessor, the CIC. But the NBT also uses a hard disk for the navigation maps and these too are updated with a USB stick. The services for this are the same as for the CIC. The card types in an NBT computer are recognizable by the names MOVE, NEXT, ROUTE or EVO. We can also supply them.

We can generate a code for you remotely. You then provide a USB stick with cards yourself. It is also possible to have the code generated remotely and thereby have the cards sent online. All you have to do is grab a USB stick and copy the cards to the car. We can also supply a ready-made USB stick to you. You will then receive this by post, with the activation code.

Of course you can also drop by the car , then we install the cards directly for you while you wait. This takes approximately 1 hour.

Order the latest maps here for your BMW at a very competitive price! If you opt for digital delivery, the update is often ready for download within 2 hours. Also at night and in weekends!