About BMW Tweaks

BMW Tweaks has been around since 2014. Richard Homan has started delivering software adjustments to BMWs. Just in front of the house in Maarssen or on location at the customer. Richard Homan Founder and mastermind behind BMW Tweaks In 2008 I obtained my driver’s license. I also immediately bought my first car BMW. This was […]

Apple CarPlay activation for your BMW

If your car has professional navigation and the car is from 2017 or younger, it is often possible to have Apple CarPlay activated in the car. This is a lifetime activation. It is possible to activate it in the original BMW layout (split screen) as well as in full screen mode. Existing Carplay can also […]

Transmission software update

The automatic gearbox in your BMW will wear out over time. BMW says that the oil in your machine never needs to be changed. The fact is that it is highly recommended to have the machine oil changed every 50,000 miles to 70,000 miles by a recognized company. Furthermore, it is always good to have […]

Fix airbag error

On the BMW E46 3 series and the BMW E39 5 series, it regularly happens that the airbag light comes on. The cause is a defective sensor mat in the passenger seat. This malfunction is not only very annoying, but also dangerous. Because you not only see a red airbag light all the time, but […]

Code new modules

A BMW is full of sensitive electronics. Since 1996 almost everything has been controlled via computers with the new models. No more cable from your accelerator pedal to your throttle body, no simple wire from your light switch to your lights and no rotary controls for your climate control. No, all computers. Unfortunately, it sometimes […]

Alpina transmission software

On a limited number of BMWs, for example the BMW E9x 335i and 335d, the BMW transmission software can be replaced by an Alpina version. The effect of this is that the car drives a lot more comfortably in D. The car becomes considerably less nervous. In addition, you can see not only in Sport […]

Activate auxilary heater

On 5-series (E39), 7-series (E38) and the X5 (E53) the parking heater can be activated with software. You can then set timers via the monitor in the car to have the car warm up automatically during cold winter mornings. Your parking heater can be activated if your car meets the following requirements: Your 5-series (E39) […]

Z3 Seat repair

Over time, the electric adjusting mechanism of the seats of the BMW Z3 gets worn out. The seats then move along the longitudinal axis of the car during accelleration and braking. The cause is a worn adjustment mechanism in the seat. This creates play that makes driving not only unpleasant, but even dangerous. A repair […]

Servotronic customisation

Just for the E38 and E39 owners with Servotronic adaptive power steering, BMW Tweaks has this service: adjusting servotronic. Do you think the car could steer a bit heavier when you drive through a residential area, or a lot lighter or heavier on the highway? Good news! BMW Tweaks will design an assist curve together […]

Code extra options

The lists of codable options for your car are not yet available in English. There are available in dutch however. You can find them here: https://coderen.bmwtweaks.nl/.