Terms and Conditions

Online purchases
With an online purchase you have to take into account that it is about software, there is no right to return. You are also responsible for the correct entry of the data for an online purchase. Any costs arising from whether or not deliberately entering incorrect personal data or other information are for you. Payment of our services must be made in advance or immediately after the delivery of the services. This can be done in cash, via PIN or for specific services online via iDeal.

Beta software
You are ofcourse free to contact us if you have any questions. We will try to help you on your way as good as possible. But we do not provide any form of guarantee or support on products and software with the [BETA] tag. Use of this is entirely at your own risk.

Apple systems
We do not officially provide support for our software in combination with Apple systems. You are ofcourse free to contact us if you have any questions. We try to help you on your way as good as possible. Apple’s Safari webbrowser corrupts the file-downloads. Therefore downloads from our website can only be done on a Mac if you’re using either Chrome or Firefox.

Roadmap updates
With the online purchase of navigation maps as well as with the installation of new maps by BMW Tweaks in your car, we only supply and use software and hardware that has been tested and functions. Nevertheless, it may happen that a navigation update does not go well. This may be due to (if you download the cards and put on USB) a defect on the USB stick or a problem in the car. For example, an interruption of stable power or a hidden problem in the navigation computer can cause a problem during the update. We will make every effort to correct any problems that may arise. However, we would like to point out that updating the navigation is done entirely at the risk of the user. BMW Tweaks does not accept any liability for damage caused directly or indirectly by a jammed map update.

Services delivered by are performed with the greatest possible care. Our equipment is of the highest quality and we take all measures to prevent malfunctions in the cars. Nevertheless, it may happen that a car shows defects during an update or other work that may have arisen during out working on your car. In such cases, BMW Tweaks will make every effort to remedy the malfunction. However, we are in no way responsible for damage of any kind that you incur directly or indirectly due to the defect of the car. BMW Tweaks will, however, in case of doubt about the feasibility of certain activities, inform you in advance of the potential risks.

Limitations on no cure no pay and guarantee
Services that are performed are part of a process to resolve the problem. It is not said that the services provided solve the problem. An example of this is a software reset of a control module. With this we exclude whether software is the cause of the problem or whether it is hardware. If the problem is in hardware, that does not mean that the reset falls under no cure no pay. Nor does paying for the reset entitle you to further free work as long as the original problem is not resolved.

Communication is always via e-mail, WhatsApp or SMS. We try to respond as quickly as possible and this means that you often have a response within an hour. However, our responses as well as information on the website may contain typos. You can therefore not derive any rights from the information that you have received from us via the site, via our Facebook page or via other means. Nor can you derive any rights from not receiving a response in time.