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A BMW is full of sensitive electronics. Since 1996 almost everything has been controlled via computers with the new models. No more cable from your accelerator pedal to your throttle body, no simple wire from your light switch to your lights and no rotary controls for your climate control. No, all computers. Unfortunately, it sometimes […]

xHP Transmission tuning

xHP is the world’s first complete all-in-1 tuning solution for the ZF 6HP or 8HP automatic transmission or the 7DCT dual clutch transmission in your BMW! BMW Tweaks was involved early in the development of this product in the development of the tuning maps for xHP. THE FIRST ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION xHP Flashtool gives you the […]


Roadmap updates Do you have a BMW with a CIC system or the new NBT or NBT Evo system? Then BMW Tweaks can help you out with the latest roadmaps for your navigation system. We can supply an FSC code and/or the mapdata. But we can also take care of the entire update process for […]

Buy roadmap update

Purchasing of roadmap updates is not yet available on the english website. It is available in Dutch, however. Ofcourse the updates themselves are available in your language. Your navigation computer will not be speaking dutch after the update. 😉 Go here for the dutch page:

Roadmap updates

You can contact us for the latest Navigation updates for your BMW with CIC or NBT system. We always deliver the latest roadmap versions. In fact, we often deliver the latest version earlier than the dealer! CCC The older BMW E-series (E6x, E7x, E8x and E9x until around 2008) have built in the older CCC […]


A BMW is a complex machine, even the E36 3 series that has been produced since 1990 has several complex computers on board for controlling the Air-conditioning, Airbags, ABS, Central locking and Alarm. And then we are not talking about the engine management (DME) and a possible automatic computer. All these systems encounter a failure […]

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Online purchases With an online purchase you have to take into account that it is about software, there is no right to return. You are also responsible for the correct entry of the data for an online purchase. Any costs arising from whether or not deliberately entering incorrect personal data or other information are for […]


BMWs are full of computers that support more featres than most people know. Even dealers are usually not fully aware of the possibilities of every car. Every BMW has different functionalities in its computers. These functionalities depend among other things on the year of manufacture of the car, the continent for which it was produced […]